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Our Audit Organization provides:

  • Audit of financial and economic activities with the issuance of an audit report and the preparation of an audit report. Audit – audit by audit organizations of financial statements and related financial information of an economic entity in order to establish the accuracy and consistency of financial statements and other financial information with the law;
    Analysis of financial and economic activities of business entities: financial analysis, liquidity analysis, solvency analysis and other services related to the analysis of financial and economic activities;
  • Consulting on accounting, taxation, planning, management and other issues of financial and economic activity: preparation of feasibility studies (feasibility studies), development and evaluation of investment projects and business plans, advice on accounting and taxation, advice on financial management, conducting market research, analysis of procedures and methods of functioning of an economic entity in order to assess the performance of efficiency and other consulting e services in the field of financial and economic activities;
  • Establishment, restoration and maintenance of accounting, organization and maintenance of management accounting, organization, restoration and maintenance of financial accounting;
  • Preparation of financial statements and the transfer of national financial statements to international accounting standards. Preparation of calculations and declaration of taxes and other obligatory payments: organization and maintenance of tax accounting, preparation of objections to acts of audits of tax authorities, preparation of calculations and declarations of taxes and other mandatory payments, other services related to tax accounting and taxation.